NEW for 2016!  KROUSE HOUSE – Step into the DARK World of Dr. Krouse

Fallen leaves bury the ground at NIGHT TERRORS with the foul smell of death. He walks, thinking they sound like tiny bones crunching beneath his feet, and smiles. His dark thoughts always make him smile, a wide devilish smile. His brain, a never slowing tilt-a-whirl, spins his thoughts toward his house of frightful experimentation. How much fear can a person handle before going insane? The answer, he discovered, is different each time. Licking his lips with excitement. He is close enough now to hear the sweet symphony of screams. Later he will select someone special and treat himself. He will remove fear-filled eyes, pierce cortisol saturated brains and slice constricted muscles.

Note to self, I must sharpen my tools.


Our Signature Haunted Hayride

Time to load up the wagons and ride into the darkness of Night Terrors Haunted Farm’s Haunted Hayride. Meet the tortured souls at Orchard Asylum, traverse the Toxic swamp, and become part of the twisted family that runs our local butcher shop…where YOU could be the next one in line for slaughter.

Immersive Airsoft Zombie Hunt

The infection has spread… everywhere you turn, all you see are undead fiends… how will you make it out alive? Time to join our Zombie Hit Squad! Led by our Expert Hunters, you will travel through the red zone and blast your way to safety. Follow orders… or YOU will become the hunted…

* This is an immersive, tactical Airsoft experience where you will get to Shoot Zombies. THIS IS AN ADD-ON ATTRACTION, AND CAN NOT BE USED ALONE WITHOUT GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET.

Maize Mayhem & Bezerkus Circus

Step on up for an adventure through our Bezerkus Circus…oh…you don’t like clowns? Well our clowns are going to LOVE you! Are you brave enough to venture into the deep dark maze at Night Terrors Haunted Farm? Creep through our Crypt and visit the boneyard of cars from our past vict…guests.